2019 Printable Planner: For Bloggers & Small Biz Owners


Looking for a 2019 printable planner to use with your small business or blog?

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The 2019 printable planner version of Perfect Project Planner is now available to buy direct!

Designed for bloggers and small business owner, this 2019 printable planner will help you manage your small business alongside your personal life.

2019 Printable Planner Getting Started Pages

The 2019 printable planner starts with some basic getting started pages:

  • A review of your 2018 year achievements so that you can feel that success, followed by a page for your 2019 business goals. This is a list page, where you can drop down the big overarching goals for your blog or small business.
  • Pages for you to note your ongoing bills and income – areas for the monthly date, as well as those less frequent amounts too.
  • Book list page for you and your business.
  • Important dates that cannot be forgotten – think birthdays, weddings, holidays..

Business Tracking Pages Inside 2019 Printable Planner

Following on from these first 10 pages, we move into tracking pages of the 2019 printable planner:

  • 2018 and 2019 Google Analytic overview pages, for you to track the basics: Sessions, Users, Page Views, Unique Page Views and Bounce Rate.
  • In-depth weekly stats tracking from the total number of users to social referrals, organic referrals and even time on page. You’ll never lose track of your small business growth with this!
  • Quarterly financial pages for your to track your weekly income, expenses and the profit or loss amount.

That section is a beast, but designed to help you track the numbers in your small business so that you can see what is working, and what needs tweaking. Without numbers, we’re running out business blind – this will help!

Quarter Year Pages In Your 2019 Printable Planner

The remainder of your 2019 printable planner is broken down into quarters, also known as 90 day years, so that you can plan out a quarter, and know what needs to be done, and when.

  • Brain dump some of the 2019 goals you want to achieve into projects.
  • Prioritise the projects – which serve a greater ROI on your time investment? Projects could be product launches, new website content, anything that is relevant to the growth of your business.
  • Take the best projects and break them down into tasks within the Taskmaster pages.
  • Those tasks can be batched together where possible so you’re not shifting from one task to another. If you need to have five blog posts or product pages written, do them at the same session so that you’re not wasting time shifting back and forth.
  • Assign the projects to sprints so that you’re making the most of your time.
  • Weekly pages are where you get to use one page for your daily tasks – I use this for my personal tasks, meeting times etc – and then a second page for your actual Sprint / Project tasks.

The weekly pages of your 2019 printable planner are broken up only by monthly spreads for each month (4 pages per month) and pages for note taking / random ideas. This helps you to focus on what needs to be done, so that you can finish your day faster and move on with enjoying time away from your small business.

Final Thoughts

I adore my Perfect Project Planner. It has helped me to keep track of my business growth – all three of them! – and focus on what needs to be done to scale my business while allowing me more free time.

If you’re looking for a 2019 printable planner to use with your blog or small business, this is possibly the best 2019 planner for the job. #justsaying

This 90 day planner is a downloadable, digital PDF that you print at home or at a copy shop.

The PDF file measures A4 in size, but can be scaled down to US letter paper size when printing.


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